How to pick a PR agency in the Nordic region

When doing PR in the Nordic Region, there is great benefit from choosing one PR agency to coordinate the work between PR agencies in the specific countries.

Often it will work like this:

One PR agency that is located in a central location in the Nordic Region, with easy access to transportation, will coordinate the work between local PR agencies in the other Nordic countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Baltic region.

This one PR agency will also be responsible to executing PR in their own country.

Its always recommended that you chose a local agency. Some agencies are located in one country, but have employees that speak other languages. The idea of hirering such an agency might seem intriguing. But its not always the best strategy. There are always great benefits from having a local agency that not only speaks the language, but that has a physical presence in the local country. This gives a better understanding of whats going on in the country and often they have a much broader network and influencers they can call on.

So what are the steps to choosing a PR agency in the Nordic region?

  1. Find an experienced agency that has years of experience coordinating work between different agencies.
  2. Choose an agency that understands your specific needs – as opposed to an agency that just wants to fit you into their predetermined boxes.

We wish you best of luck finding a PR agency in the Nordic region!

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